Incident Response

A strong cyber program plans for the inevitable. The reality of the threat landscape of today is bad things still happen even with the best defensive strategies. The key is to quickly identify when these lapses occur and respond with decisive actions to contain and eradicate the threat before the incident transitions to a data breach or other high-impact event. In addition to addressing the technical threat, a well-planned and executed response strategy greatly reduces the risk of regulatory fines and other legal risks. Our incident response services equip organizations with the robust action plans and capabilities needed to address any level of incident with speed and efficiency while minimizing the legal and regulatory impacts.

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Response Readiness

  • Incident Response Plan Development
  • Visibility and Response Solutions Design
  • Detection and Triage Capability Development
  • Response Testing and Validation Services
  • Threat Intelligence and Indicator Sharing Programs
  • Incident Reporting and Metrics Design
  • Incident Management Framework Design
  • Evidence Collection Practices
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Response Services

  • Executive Program Director
  • Principle Incident Lead Services
  • Threat Profiling and Investigation Services
  • Response Readiness Training
  • Digital Forensics Services
  • Customized Forensic Automation Solution
  • Malware Analysis